A warmest welcome from PROJECT LUNCHBOX: LET’S EAT!  My intention in creating this blog is to educate followers about what’s truly in their food by providing pertinent information and research about all things nutrition.  Each post is written in the hopes of reminding subscribers that it does only take one person to make a difference in changing our food systems.  Eating is sort of like voting, and only you get to decide what you will accept as your standard.  I hope that as you continue to explore, something will resonate with you and inspire you to seriously look at the food you eat.  Additionally, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment any time with questions about a specific topic or thoughts on one of my posts…and always remember to plan well, pack well, and live well!

Are you interested in learning more about “PROJECT LUNCHBOX: LET’S EAT!” and how its mission, nutrition/cooking education classes, and recipes can affect change in your eating habits and those of your community?  If so, please email me at:


You can also check out my website at:


Katie Chiffer: Nutrition Advocate, Food Blogger & Health Enthusiast



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