Amazon Go, a convenience store that lets you go, go, go…

Are you tired of the hassle of grocery store checkout counters? If a seemingly endless line approaching the supermarket cashier, coupled with the process of unloading the entirety of your basket or cart onto the conveyor belt makes you feel harried, fret no more! Amazon has the solution to your woes.

Enter Seattle’s Amazon Go, a convenience store that first opened its doors to the public this Monday. What differentiates Amazon Go from other shopping locations within the convenience store industry? There are no checkout counters. Imagine that!

From ceiling cameras to sensors, the sophisticated array of technology Amazon Go boasts, entitled Just Walk Out, facilitates a consumer experience that is speedy, to say the least. Unlike other convenience stores, Amazon Go is accessible only to consumers who are equipped with certain technology. For example, consumers are eligible to enter this Seattle convenience store after registering a payment method within the Amazon Go mobile app. This same app is used to gain access inside the convenience store after arriving at its brick-and-mortar location.

From milk to salads to tea, consumers choose items from a variety of inventory featuring a selection of grocery items and prepared foods, among others. While cashiers are not present inside the convenience store due to its lack of checkout counters, Amazon Go is still equipped with employees, such as stockers.

Where’s your head at when it comes to the intersection of retail and technology that makes a convenience store like Amazon Go possible? How do you think this convenience store model will affect retail workers now and in the future?

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