A nutrient-dense chip? I’m in!

Have you tried Beanitos black bean chips?

NO? Then you MUST.

Why, you ask?

How about:

Five grams of protein per serving.

Five grams of fiber per serving.

Zero grams of trans fat per serving.

Zero grams of sugar per serving.

And oh…

They taste phenomenal.

While they’re spectacular on their own, they also do well in group settings 😉 when paired with homemade salsa or guacamole.

Looking for other nutritious snack ideas?

Check out my recipes for cheesy, crunchy, salty, (and nutritious!) eggplant chips and zucchini chips. Also, revisit my post on smart snack switches to make simple nutrition upgrades to your shopping cart.

Until Next Week…Plan Well, Pack Well, Live Well,


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