Kohlrabi: The Octopus In Your Garden

According to Joanna Blythman and Rosie Sykes of The Guardian, “this spherical vegetable, either eau-de-nil or magenta in colour, is actually a cabbage, although it looks more like a white turnip.”  If a garden bed were an ocean, kohlrabi would be the octopus of the majestic marina.  The numerous stems of a kohlrabi stretch from its mantle like the limbs of this sea creature.

The taste and texture of kohlrabi transforms with the passing of time from its harvest to its consumption.  At the beginning of its harvest season, kohlrabi sings notes of subtle earthiness.  As a result, kohlrabi at this stage shines when incorporated with mixed greens in a salad or when roasted either alone or with other vegetables such as carrots, fennel, broccoli, and peppers.  Kohlrabi matures with the progression of its growing season, and becomes starchier.  At this point, try substituting kohlrabi for potatoes in your favorite latke recipe!

The next time you find yourself participating in a CSA program or browsing at a farmer’s market, be on the lookout for kohlrabi!  And, as always, be sure to share your favorite recipes featuring kohlrabi with our community!

Until Next Week…Plan Well, Pack Well, Live Well,



3 thoughts on “Kohlrabi: The Octopus In Your Garden

  1. Ellie

    Kohlrabi is new to me so I am looking forward to trying it. I do think it’s a good idea to mix it with other greens. Can’t wait to experience KOHLRABI.

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