4 Hassle-Free Strategies to Become a ‘Locavore’

I hope that you find these 4 suggestions to become a ‘locavore’ this summer concrete, helpful, and innovative:

Plant an herb garden.  Whether on the patio, inside of a flower box on the windowsill, or atop the kitchen counter, herbs create a tantalizing aroma in any space and serve as flavorsome ingredients in recipes of all kinds.  Shakes things up by cultivating different varieties of herbs, such as purple sage and Thai basil.  One of my favorite uses for basil from our family’s herb garden is adding it to corn and sautéed onions.

Commit to purchasing a locally grown type of produce and a locally made food product about every 30 days.  An adoption of this practice supports local farms and small businesses.  Unearth locally grown produce at farmers’ markets.  Scout out locally made food products at farm stands and small businesses in the area.  For example, instead of purchasing the grocery store brand of goat cheese, purchase goat cheese from a local cheese farm.

Adopt practices of vertical gardening.  Residents of apartments and condominiums have no fear, vertical gardening is here!  Go retro and revamp anything from Mason jars to ratty sneakers in order to plant an indoor garden that cascades down the wall, the staircase, or the back porch.

Buy a share at the local farm through community-shared agriculture programming.  In return for a financial contribution, farmers provide consumers with an allotted amount of fruits and vegetables.  Consumers receive the opportunity to harvest crops and develop relationships with farmers and fields.  In doing so, I developed a deeper gratitude for food: where it comes from and who grows it.  Maybe you will too!

The term ‘locavore’ can be adapted to every person and every lifestyle.

When I think of the term ‘locavore’ and how it applies to my own life, I think: Boston’s Flour, sungold cherry tomatoes at Appleton Farms, the Amesbury Flatbread Pizza Co., roasted garlic goat cheese from Valley View Farm, salted rosemary shortbread from LARK Fine Foods, and strawberries at Appleton Farms.

How will you paint your ‘locavore’ picture this summer?

Until Next Week… Plan Well, Pack Well, Live Well,



5 thoughts on “4 Hassle-Free Strategies to Become a ‘Locavore’

  1. Ellie

    Hi Katie,
    Wow, how do you have such wonderful ideas? I am so impressed by your commitment to this blog and your ability to present your ideas in an engaging way. Thanks Katie!

  2. Chloe

    Thank you Katie. These are doable steps on the road to more conscious eating for those of us on the path. I’m looking forward to hearing more of your terrific ideas!

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