My New Favorite App Is…

Sugar Rush!  A cousin of my first favorite app, Fooducate, Sugar Rush offers a comprehensive breakdown of the added and natural sugars in commercial food and beverage products.  Simply scan the barcode of a food or beverage to receive an analysis of the sugar content in said product.  This analysis also contains a “Did you know?” fact about sugar and its health effects… so each time you scan a product, you can simultaneously educate yourself about the new hot button nutrient in medicine and the media.  Sugar Rush is available to download on iPhones at no cost, and compatible technologies for Androids are currently in the works.

For a refresher on the  daily allotment of added and natural sugars for men and women, please see my previous blog post entitled: “Food for Thought – How Sweet is TOO Sweet?”

For a refresher on added sugars, please see my previous blog post entitled: “Added Sugar “Pseudonyms” and Other Super Sleuth Secrets.”

If you have experience with Sugar Rush, please comment and let our community know what you think of this app!

Until Next Week… Plan Well, Pack Well, Live Well,




2 thoughts on “My New Favorite App Is…

  1. Ellie

    Hi Katie, I did not know about the Sugar Rush app! What a great idea to scan while you shop. I am all on board with this. As always you amaze me with your research. Thanks Katie!

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