DIY Almond Milk

Xanthan gum.  Natural flavor.  Locust bean gum.  These are just a sampling of synthetic ingredients that could be lurking in your store-bought almond milk.  Geez, it begs the question… are there any actual almonds in there?

This brings us to the moral of the story for this week’s post… the DIY approach to nourishment is–and as far as I can tell, always will be–the most foolproof way to ensure that you are fueling your body with whole foods rather than processed ones.  Last time I checked, there was not any xanthan gum sitting in my pantry at home.  Nor was there natural flavor.  And I would not even know where to begin in terms of getting my hands on some locust bean gum.

Below you will find my family’s recipe for DIY almond milk.  It takes us 10 minutes to prep a batch of it.  It is super fast to make.  It is ridiculously easy to prepare.  It is absolutely awesome to drink.  And, it only contains two ingredients: almonds and water.

In order to prepare DIY almond milk, first soak one cup of almonds in water for approximately 24 hours.  After a day has passed, empty the water into the sink and rinse the almonds.  Then, combine the almonds with two cups of water and blend the mixture until it becomes creamy and a smooth consistency is achieved.  This process should be completed in approximately two and a half minutes.  Next, remove the mixture from the blender and strain the liquid through a cheesecloth.  As you strain the mixture through the cheesecloth, you will eventually have to gather the cheesecloth and squeeze to get every last drop of that almond milk!  Two cups of almond milk and the ground almonds will remain.  Transfer the almond milk into a glass container, and enjoy for up to three days!

Whatever you do, make sure to not discard the ground almonds!  In fact, these ground almonds can be incorporated in a variety of culinary creations and they also pack a nutritional punch!  For instance, my family and I adore using the ground almonds for the binder in turkey meatballs, a replacement for some–or even all– of the flour in baked goods, and even as a replacement for cow’s milk in fruit smoothies.  Yes, the possibilities are truly endless… I have even heard of people using the ground almond meal as a face scrub.  The ground almond meal will keep for about seven days if refrigerated.  Freezing the ground almond meal is also an option.

Do you enjoy flavored almond milk?  If so, here is an addition to the above DIY almond milk recipe…in order to prepare vanilla almond milk, you can incorporate vanilla paste to taste or blend two vanilla beans in the mixture of almonds and water.

This recipe is a fantastic substitute for cow’s milk.  It is heart healthy.  It consists of only two whole foods.  Have you ever prepared your own almond milk?  If so, what recipe do you use?  If not, are you excited to try this one?

Until Next Week… Plan Well, Pack Well, Live Well,



5 thoughts on “DIY Almond Milk

  1. Boo Radley

    I am loving making homemade almond milk! My tip would be to let the almonds soak for two or three days instead of just one. It is *supposed* to make it creamier. I don’t know, I have never soaked for only one day.

    Also, I put the almond meal in the oven on low heat (200) until it dries completely. Makes it more flour-like, store better I think, and great to throw in a bread!


    1. These are awesome tips, Boo! While preparing the almond milk, I have never soaked the almonds for more than a day either, but it definitely seems like something worth a try. Thank you so much for commenting!

  2. This is great Katie. I have made homemade coconut milk many times, but for some reason have never tried making almond milk. I bought some raw almonds today, and will start soaking them tonight. Thanks for the recipe.

    1. Homemade coconut milk sounds delicious! Would you be willing to share the recipe? I hope that you enjoy the almond milk…please let me know what you think of the recipe. Thank you so much for commenting!

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