Campbell’s Upgrades Soup Ingredient List

Star Wars memorabilia is adorning the cans of Campbell’s soups.  Not only has the packaging changed, the actual food product has as well.  In fact, the original ingredient list for Campbell’s chicken broth soup for children has been reimagined, while chemicals, enhancers, preservatives have been abandoned for the duration.  Nevertheless, the tried and true favorite ingredients in the children’s soup, such as vegetables and meat products, will remain.  In this way, Campbell’s appears to be emphasizing a whole foods approach to their manufacturing and production.  Furthermore, Campbell’s Director of Communications, Anna Burr, announced “When we make a change to a recipe that is as loved as our kids’ chicken and pasta soup, we work very hard to keep the flavor and texture consistent, because we know just how important that is for people, especially kids.”  However, Burr made sure to mention that at Campbell’s, “We know cleaner-label food is something parents are looking for” (Saelinger).

Joy Bauer, a nutritionist for TODAY, offers an explanation as to why companies such as Campbell’s are altering the ingredient lists of their food and beverage products.  Bauer states “In order to keep sales from taking a downward turn, these big companies know they have to adjust and re-formulate recipes that previously were flying off shelves” (Saelinger).

I have always been a staunch advocate for the vast change that each individual has the potential to affect upon our global food system.  I have noticed that this year in particular has brought the power that a single individual can have upon our food system to the forefront.  As more and more companies raise the standards for ingredients, food preparation, and product distribution, I am reminded that food companies are reactionary.  And, the majority of the time, they change as a response to us.  We, as consumers, possess the power to initiate change, whether it be through our collective wallets or our united voices.

How do you use your wallet and your voice to initiate changes in a local or global food system?

Until Next Week… Plan Well, Pack Well, Live Well,

Katie 🙂

Works Cited

Saelinger, Tracy. “Campbell’s cuts artificial flavors–and celery–from its kids’ chicken noodle soup.” TODAY. 10 Nov. 2015: NBC News. Web. 6 Dec. 2015. <>


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