True Confessions

I will only eat bananas in the form of banana bread.  I don’t like them raw, grilled or puréed.  I do love smoothies, however, and since bananas are the quintessential addition to any smoothie worth its merit, my taste aversion has created some serious problems over the years.  There is certainly no dearth of reasons why bananas are the ultimate base for a smoothie.  They give these refreshing beverages a pronounced substance, an enhanced creaminess, and a noticeable hint of sweetness.  Although it has been an uphill battle, after much experimentation, (and lackluster results), I believe I have finally uncovered the ultimate substitute for bananas.  This winning combination does not sacrifice taste or texture, and it will surely become a favorite!

As a substitute for bananas, simply combine 1/4 cup of steel cut organic oats with 1 tablespoon of Chia seeds in your blender.  Grind the oats and the seeds together for approximately 30 seconds, or until the two ingredients have become powdery, then add the remainder of your smoothie ingredients.  The fine-grained results of the blended oats and seeds offer approximately 8 grams of protein, about 10 grams of dietary fiber, and roughly 15% of your percent daily value of iron, not to mention a hearty helping of Omega 3s.  I’ll trade these statistics in for bananas any day!

If I’ve piqued your interest, here are the ingredients for one of my favorite summer smoothies:

1/4 cup of steel cut organic oats

1 tablespoon of Chia seeds

1 cup of unsweetened Kefir

1/2 cup of 100% Pomegranate juice

1/2 cup of farm fresh organic blueberries

1/2 cup of farm fresh organic strawberries

1/4 cup of farm fresh organic blackberries

Just remember to blend together the steel cut organic oats and the Chia seeds first before adding the other ingredients.  If you combine all of the ingredients in the blender at once, the results are less than delightful texture wise!

Have you ever tried this substitute for bananas in smoothies?  If not, please let me know what you think when you try it out!

Until Next Week… Plan Well, Pack Well, Live Well,

Katie 🙂


6 thoughts on “True Confessions

  1. Jen

    Hi Katie,
    Im looking forward to making this smoothie…however I am a little leery of soy, especially for women. I will substitute with either almond or coconut milk-both nice non dairy options.
    Thanks for sharing!!

    1. If I remember correctly, I have seen lactose-free Keifer at grocery stores before. You said you drink coconut milk, so you may also be interested in trying coconut milk Keifer! I hope that you enjoy the smoothie recipe, and thank you for commenting!

  2. I’m with you Katie! I really don’t like bananas in smoothies. I will definitely try your recipe! Many times I’ll throw in half an avocado and almond milk (or coconut milk) to add some nutrition and “thickness”. Yum.

  3. Ellie Morrison

    As a general rule I don’t ever drink smoothies. I like the idea of oats and chia seeds. Of course your ideas are always interesting. 🙂

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