Eat Well Guide

This week’s post is inspired by a long time friend and supporter of “Project Lunchbox: Let’s Eat!”  Thank you Sheila!

Sheila recently shared a link with me:

This website is the perfect resource for eating healthfully, locally, and seasonally, no matter where your travels or adventures take you this summer, and all the year through!  Simply insert your current U.S. location in the search bar, and also add in what type of eating or food facility (restaurant, store, etc.) that you are searching for.  Additionally, you can choose a radius in which you would like your search to be limited to (i.e. 10 miles from Boston) to ensure that you are not driving the day away searching for your next food and beverage pit stop (Eat).

Furthermore, in the top right hand corner of the website, there is a “Guides” section where you can choose to view eating facilities in major American cities.  After you choose a restaurant or store that you are interested in visiting, you can then view their menu, and also read a summary of the eatery which explains their culinary inspirations and creations.  There is a schedule at the bottom of the page detailing the opening and closing hours of each eatery, as well as the phone numbers, website addresses, and social media outlets for the location (Eat).

Again, thank you so much Sheila for bringing the “Eat Well Guide” to my attention!

What do all of you think of this website and its mission in promoting the consumption of nutritious food wherever you are?  Are you interested in using it this summer and in the future?  Please let me know!

Until Next Week… Plan Well, Pack Well, Live Well,

Katie 🙂

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