Let’s Talk! (#2)

“‘How do we change the food system?’ is a question that cannot be directly answered.  We elect representatives who understand what’s wrong.  We petition.  We make noise.  We don’t settle for the grudging, halting, sometimes downright stupid changes that government agencies make; rather we demand more.  We don’t know the end but we push for progress.  We don’t quit.

But ‘How do I change my relationship to food?’ is a question that you can answer yourself, now, in a continuing manner.  We need both questions.  But in a way the second one, the littler one, is much more powerful.”

-Mark Bittman, A Bone to Pick

Do you agree or disagree with Bittman’s opinion that the second question carries more weight than the first by creating direct change in our food systems?  Why or why not?  How would you answer the second question he poses?

I can’t wait to hear from you all!

Until Next Week… Plan Well, Pack Well, Live Well,

Katie 🙂

Works Cited

Bittman, Mark.  A Bone to Pick.  New York:  Pam Krauss Books,  2015.  Print.


One thought on “Let’s Talk! (#2)

  1. Sheila Parisien

    Educating ourselves on real food and only eating it will change our lives and hopefully, eventually force the Mansantos of the world and the government that needs or wants their money to start caring about people and not what they have or represent. Purchasing, growing and only eating real food and talking about it to everyone you talk to will eventually make enough people angry enough to address question #1. If you can’t find real food in the grocery store where you shop, tell that store you are shopping elsewhere. Meat is not a bad food, but the way we raise, produce and consume all meat in this country is sacrilegious and it’s not the least bit healthy. Animals being mass produced in this country for kitchen tables are doing more damage to our environment than cars and power plants. Antibiotics don’t seem to be helping humans much anymore and we’re being told that our illnesses are antibiotic resistant. Perhaps the problem is all the good antibiotics are being given to the animals we eat that probably gave us the illness in the first place. Stop eating processed foods and make your own junk food with real ingredients and sooner or later industry will have to take notice. So yes, I think question # 2 is much more powerful and is the only way question #1 will ever be addressed. As Ghandi said, be the change you want to see in the world. He lived a very long time ago, but I think he was talking about our food system today.

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