Got Snow?

This week’s post is written with my New England blog subscribers in mind.  If you don’t have any more room on your driveway/yard/walkway, etc. to put the snow, don’t worry.  You can start eating it… 🙂  I’m serious!  Below you’ll find two recipes that feature fresh, clean, glimmering, white snow!

1.  Snow “Cream”

I adapted this recipe from the website All Recipes and it’s super simple to make:  First, gather one gallon of fresh, clean snow in a metal bowl (it shouldn’t be too hard to find)!  Next, using a wooden spoon incorporate 1 cup of white granulated sugar, 1 tablespoon of Madagascar vanilla extract, and 2 cups of organic, whole milk.  Eat it immediately after preparing it so it won’t melt!

2.  Sugar On Snow

This brilliant idea/recipe is courtesy of the Harlow’s Sugar House in Putney, Vermont. Has anybody ever visited there?  I haven’t, but after checking out their site, I definitely want to!  The first step is to heat 100 percent pure Maple Syrup (use the grade that you like best).  After that, simply pour the warmed maple syrup onto fresh, clean snow.  As you can imagine, the hot syrup with the cold snow react together, forming a delicious taffy-like snack (Zimmer).

Please be sure to let me know if anybody braves the 6 foot high snowbanks to gather snow for one of these recipes!  Stay strong, New England!

Until Next Week… Plan Well, Pack Well, Live Well,

Katie 🙂

Works Cited

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10 thoughts on “Got Snow?

  1. Ginny

    Hi Katie, we used to do the maple syrup one in college with our house mother. Delicious! Used a 9×13 cake pan. I have one tip–don’t use yellow snow 😜

  2. Alexandra

    Hi Katie,
    I love these new ideas! I will definitely be trying both of these fun recipes 🙂 I can always count on my weekly “Project Lunchbox” post to keep me updated on the lasted in the world of healthy eating! Thanks!

  3. Tara

    Katie, thanks so much for the reminder. We used to have “sugar on snow” parties when I was in Vermont. It was a lot of fun for adults and kiddos. You’re right we might as well make the best of all this snow LOL… Thanks again!

  4. Erin

    My kiddos love to make their own version of “Orange Julius” out of snow using orange juice. They love to experiment and will love trying the cream recipe! Thanks for the great idea!

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