There Are AWESOME People in the World!

Meet Dan Napierski, the founder/creator of Phfeast Incorporated, an entrepreneurial pursuit which uses customer loyalty programs to make free restaurant meals available to the hungry in the Boston area.  He created the company after attending a local food drive where he saw great need firsthand.  While driving home from the food drive, he had a sort of “lightbulb moment” where he realized that the rewards earned by customers through loyalty programs at restaurants could be used for the greater good.  With the knowledge that over 200,000 children in Massachusetts  alone are fighting hunger, Mr. Napierski remembered, “Seeing how many kids in Massachusetts are facing food insecurity, I just had this revelation that restaurants have the capacity to feed more people. They can’t just give away free food to everyone, because they need to stay in business. But to the extent that they can give away free food through their loyalty program, why not give those free meals to people who could really use them?”  With this, Phfeast Inc. was born (the play on words comes from a combination of two words: “philosophy” and “food”).  In order to start the company, Mr. Napierski pursued a Kickstarter Campaign of publicity and communication to the Boston area.  Also, he was aided by the Venture Development Center at the University of Massachusetts and was able to team food pantries up with various dining establishments (Pineo).

Here are the easy steps to sign-up for a Phfeast Inc. account and start earning free meals for the hungry in your community (Phfeast):

1.  Create a Phfeast account by registering with

2.  While dining out, check-in with your account.  The more check-ins you acquire, the more free meals the hungry in your community will receive!

3.  Just to keep in mind, on the Phfeast website, it says that you can also log-in using Facebook or Google Plus for extra points (and you’ll have less passwords, etc. to keep track of!)

One of the awesome aspects of this company is that it promotes the dignity and privacy of all people.  Pastoral Minister of Social Justice at the Paulist Center in Boston, Susan Rutkowski states that “I think it’s a very dignified way for people to be able to eat a healthy, hot meal. They don’t need to stand in line at a soup kitchen to get a hot meal. They can walk up to a food vendor just like anyone would and order lunch, and offer their card, and receive their food, and go enjoy their meal in a dignified fashion” (Pineo).

Have you ever heard of Phfeast before?  If not, are you interested in signing up?

Until Next Week… Plan Well, Pack Well, Live Well,

Katie 🙂

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