Snacking Survey

Surprisingly, the global industry of snacking is worth approximately $375 BILLION.  Even more surprisingly is that this value continues to increase at approximately 2% each year, and given the fluctuating status of our world economy, this figure is pretty staggering.  A recently published Nielsen Global Survey of Snacking has reported that more than 90% of its 30,000 participants indulge in a snack at least once a day, while a little more than 1/5 of the participants snacked three to four times daily.  Interestingly, an overwhelming number of the participants who snacked three to four times daily were women.  This survey went on to conclude that snacks as meal replacements are becoming more and more popular across the globe.  Around the world, around half of the participants in this survey replaced either breakfast, lunch, or dinner with a snack.  As a result, the researchers of this survey have hypothesized that in the future, major food manufacturing companies will be placing a larger emphasis on the convenience and accessibility of their food products (Horovitz).

In terms of the nutritional value of the snacks being consumed, the United States snacks are notoriously less healthy when compared to other areas of the world.  In the past month, approximately 60% of Americans have eaten some sort of chip or crisp snack product.  Chocolate at 59% and cheese at 58% ranked second and third respectively as Americans most popular snack options.  Throughout the world, chocolate is the most popular snack, however, fruit and vegetables are the second and third most popular options.  Only in America are salty or savory snacks on high demand… in the remaining parts of the world, people desire some sort of crispy snack (Horovitz).

What’s your favorite snack?  Do you use snacks as meal replacements?

Until Next Week… Plan Well, Pack Well, Live Well,

Katie 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Snacking Survey

  1. Sam LaRussa

    Snacking is an interesting issue as it is so ubiquitous and yet we tend not to think so much about it. There is a school of thought that says “eat when you are hungry,” but obviously we’ll often snack and then have a full meal right afterwards. Also, it bugs me how there are few healthy snack options out there. Are there any preparation-free, small-portion foods out there that you’d reccomend for snacking?

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