A ‘Spot of Tea!’

I’d like to start this blog post with a shout-out to Nada, one of my international subscribers from England!  It was great to see you and I hope that New York was a blast!  One of the things (besides Baby George and the Royal Family) that Nada and I were talking about while she was visiting the U.S. was tea of course!  So straight from the heart of Great Britain, here’s a summary of the British tea tradition, directly from the source:

Interestingly, whenever someone mentions tea in England, it’s assumed that they are referring to English breakfast tea.  Nearly 100% of the tea comes from tea bags, and only a fraction of tea that is consumed is loose tea.  In fact, all of the loose tea, and all bagged tea (except for English breakfast tea) is referred to as herbal tea.  Also, British citizens take their tea with a dash of sugar and milk.  In contrast with America, it is not common for British citizens to take their tea with honey.  One could definitely make the argument that the popularity of tea in England is equivalent to the popularity of coffee in the United States- both countries enjoy their respective beverages all day, every day!

Do you enjoy your tea bagged, or do you prefer loose tea?  Do you have a favorite type of tea?  Let me know!

Thanks Nada!

Until Next Week… Plan Well, Pack Well, Live Well,

Katie 🙂


3 thoughts on “A ‘Spot of Tea!’

  1. Mrs. Dellovo

    I love ALL tea and enjoy it at any time of day, although I hardly ever have it “British style” because I’m not a huge fan of milk in my tea. I either drink it completely unsweetened or with honey. My favorites are organic herbal teas like chamomile, mint, and lemon ginger!

  2. El

    I prefer bagged tea unless I am going to a Teahouse, then I
    Love the individual pot of loose tea. At work and home I enjoy green tea, do not care so much for flavored tea. I have been to many different Teahouses and I have a friend who
    Is amazing: she has tea parties like you’ve never been to. Fine china brewed tea in individual
    Teapots and everything you would enjoy at a Tea.

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