Clover Food Lab!

Has anybody ever heard of or gone to Clover?  A friend shared a link with me to the fast food restaurant’s website, and it’s the coolest place!  One location opened last summer at the Burlington Mall, and there are others located in Cambridge and Brookline.  Surprisingly, this restaurant defies the traditional ways of fast food places.  First off, they have a real commitment to how fresh their food tastes and focus on recipes that can be executed flawlessly and effortlessly  instead of concocting fancier menu items.  Their goal is to return “back to the basics” and they work with whole foods rather than processed ones.  Interestingly, their facilities do not contain ANY freezers, which shows their commitment to providing the freshest food at all times.  No “natural flavors,” “flavor enhancers,” or artificial flavors” are found in any of their food, and they make everything from scratch (except for the ketchup and the mayonnaise).  40 to 85% of the ingredients that they use in their recipes are sourced from New England, which accounts for their sporadic menu changes.  Judging from their website, everything served at Clover has a unique twist – even their homemade beverages.  Cinnamon lemonade, maple soda, and hibiscus iced tea are among some of the favorite beverages available at Clover.  From an environmental standpoint, the packaging and food containers Clover provides customers is 100% compostable.  I can’t wait to try this awesome place!  Let me know what you think if you have a chance to check it out!

Until Next Week… Plan Well, Pack Well, Live Well,

Katie 🙂

All of the information I’ve presented in this blog post was found by either visiting Clover Food Lab and perusing its website at: <>


7 thoughts on “Clover Food Lab!

  1. Sam LaRussa

    Hmm… this sounds familiar. Is the one in Cambridge located right underneath the Google offices? I went to an event there once that had the most interesting food…

  2. Jen

    Hi Katie,
    Thanks for the blog, I do enjoy each and every one of them. I am interested in this place, but the whole, “food lab” title has me a bit concerned. Anytime I think of a lab, I think of experiments… I will be very interested in following this blog and hope to hear from some folks who have braved this new place.
    Thank you!

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