Top 8 Nutrition Trends for 2014

Out with the old and in with the new!  As the curtain closed on the year 2013, select groups of foodies and nutritionists met and surveys were conducted and released (i.e. Today’s Dietitian)(Top in an attempt to predict what 2014 would bring to the food world.  Below are the top eight most expected food trends that will become prominent and popular throughout the New Year!

1.  Ancient grains are going to make a come-back.  Not only can you expect the sale of quinoa, but also be on the look-out for grains like millet, kamut, spelt, amaranth, and teff on sale at your local supermarket (Top).

2.  It is predicted that consumers will continue to become more reliant on technology in order to make informed decisions about the foods that they eat.  In addition to using Smart Phones and tablets to scan a product’s ingredient label (i.e. remember Fooducate?), there will be an increase in the number of consumers who shop for groceries online and have them delivered to their homes.  I also heard something about scientists engineering an E-ZPass like device to make fast food joints even more efficient… that would be truly off the charts, and a little scary.  Who knows if it will ever come to fruition or not though (Taub-Dix)!

3.  A tea craze will continue to make its way from Great Britain to the United States.  As coffee’s competition takes the spotlight, watch out for new tea bars opening locally and nationally (Taub-Dix)!

4.  It has been forecasted that food corporations will place more value and emphasis on business ethics, responsibility, and integrity.  In particular, a survey conducted by the ConAgra Foods shows that approximately 60% of customers “appreciate, and want to support, companies that donate to important social causes.”  For this reason, it is expected that businesses who pledge support and encouragement to social issues will in turn be better supported by consumers (Taub-Dix).

5.  Edible wrappers and other environmentally-friendly food packaging will be on the rise in 2014.  Already, the Coolhaus ice-cream truck company, originating in LA, has begun package its ice-cream sandwiches in an edible wrapper… pretty cool, and eco-friendly (Taub-Dix).

6.  Kale won’t be going away any time soon… but we all knew that (Top)!

7.  Gluten-free foods will continue to become more available, as more and more consumers turn to gluten-free diets (Top).  Interestingly,  the numbers indicate that gluten-free diets are becoming more popular in the United States for non-medical purposes, not just because of allergies (Top).  Speaking of allergies, be on the look-out for a better variety of foods prepared without the use of soy, nuts, and dairy (Taub-Dix).

8.  It is expected that more and more grocery stores will take on culinary education programs, and offer demos and cooking classes to their customers (Taub-Dix).  For example, Whole Foods Market offers culinary classes where shoppers can go and learn and experiment with specific ingredients, sample new cuisines, and share recipes.

What do you think of these trends?  Are there any others that you can predict or expect to see in the coming year?  Let me know!

Until Next Week… Plan Well, Pack Well, Live Well,

Katie 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Top 8 Nutrition Trends for 2014

  1. Jen

    Hi Katie
    Happy New Year, and thank you for continuing your blog.
    Working in health care…I have to say…edible wrappers! Really, how many human and creepy crawly creatures will actually touch that wrapper before it reaches one’s mouth! At least with fruits and veggies we can wash and scrub prior to ingesting…
    I agree with you on the grains.
    Thanks for inspiring great discussions!

  2. Mrs. Dellovo

    Another well written article, Katie. The two trends that I am particularly interested in go hand in hand, and that’s the growing number of gluten products being conveniently offered AND more products made with ancient grains. As someone with a gluten intolerance, I’ve noticed that even in the past three years places like Market Basket and Stop and Shop have doubled the amount of products they carry. For folks in the Haverhill area, there is a wonderful store called Just for Me Gluten Free ( The owner is super friendly and knowledgeable. They have all kinds of AMAZING products that I hardly ever see anywhere else, not even at Whole Foods. I’m especially big into developing new gluten free recipes myself, and that is an awesome place to find the necessary ingredients, without having to rely so much on processed foods.

  3. El

    It will certainly be interesting to see where these new trends will take us. However, I just can’t wrap my brain around edible wrappers yet! I think kale, grains and tea will never
    lose appeal. 🙂

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