What is Health? Part Two

My grateful thanks to all who responded to last week’s blog.  I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts about what health is.

As I wrote last week, Josh Billings said “Health is like money, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it.”

I totally agree with this.  Health is something that is so easy to take for granted, but once has been lost, it can be so difficult to recover from and get back.  In 2002, I had my first experience with someone whose health was failing when my Papa found out that he had terminal cancer.  With his last 365 days left to live, he spent it with me and other people he loved most in the world. Overnight, the grandfather I had known in health became different from the man I came to know in sickness.  Out of seemingly nowhere, he became limited by his own body and lost the freedom that comes with being in sound physical condition.  His life ceased to be the adventure that I know it could have continued to be, had he recovered and was still here, able to share his passion and zest for life with others.  With Papa’s passing, one of the things that I learned was that health is sometimes not forever.  Chronic disease and illness can change everything irrevocably in an instant and damages the human body in such a way that it will never be the same again.  However, this is but one definition of health or lack thereof.

Conversely, day to day health, without the limitations of serious illness, is a result of the choices that we make everyday.  That in itself can be both exhilarating and even a little bit daunting, because we know that it’s up to us, it falls in our lap, and our decisions are in our own hands.  At any time, you can be your own stumbling block or stepping stone.  The other thing that can be scary is there is no “pretty” or “perfect” answer of what health looks like that can be transferred from individual to individual.  Because we are all different, each person has to work towards cultivating the diet/exercise “formula” or “master plan” that makes them feel the strongest and most beautiful.  You’ll know when your own personalized health plan is optimal when you constantly feel a radiant “glow.”

No higher education degree, certificate, or license is necessary to be healthy.  It’s ironic how if you want to be an astronaut, literature teacher, mathematician, or archaeologist, you would most definitely need a college degree, etc.  To get where you most want to be in life, and then to get the most out of where you are in life, you need your health.  Your health, in your hands, allows you to create the life of your dreams and live the adventure you’ve always wanted.

To your health!

Until Next Week… Plan Well, Pack Well, Live Well,

Katie 🙂


3 thoughts on “What is Health? Part Two

  1. Mr. Z


    I’m so sorry that you lost your Papa. It is so hard to watch a loved one in pain and to see them lose their quality of life. It is one of the hardest things anyone can go through.

    I hope that you are able to find your formula for strength, beauty, and glow. On second thought, I think you already have!

    Take good care,
    Mr. Z.

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