A Moment of Reflection…

My earliest memory of the city of Boston was my first visit to Fenway Park some seven years ago.  It was an absolutely glorious day and still stands as one of my most magical memories.  Ever since that afternoon at Fenway, I’ve been enamored with the city.  It’s a place that’s filled with adventures and each time I visit, my captivation with its character and charm grows deeper and deeper.

I was shocked when I first heard the news on Monday about the tragedy that was unfolding in my favorite city.  It was one of those moments when time literally stopped and my stomach flipped…once again, life had been irrevocably altered.  To know Boston, though, is to know that it is a city comprised of people with an indomitable spirit.  Indeed, in the face of unspeakable tragedy, Boston demonstrated to the rest of the world that courage and bravery knows no bounds.  The images of people running toward danger in order to help or running to the hospital to donate blood are forever emblazoned in my memory.

As I try to make sense of the senseless, I am comforted by the fact that Boston and its people are resilient like no other and will rise again.  My thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by Monday’s horrific events.


11 thoughts on “A Moment of Reflection…

  1. Geneva

    This is beautiful! Thank you for taking the time to recognize such a catastrophic event that is forever instilled into our hearts and minds. I hope your prayers are answered and that this can all be solved soon.

  2. Kevin Zajas

    Katie-you do such a fantastic job with this blog! Even though I feel like I know a lot about nutrition, I always learn something when I read, “Let’s Eat Lunch”. And with this installment I learned that the world is a really good place because there are young adults who really understand what’s important and they will take the reins and shepherd us into the future.

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