Controversial Coca-Cola Commercial

Shakespeare told us that “brevity is the soul of wit.”  I am telling you that brevity is the soul of this blog post due to studying for midterms!  One down and five more to go, hence this “brief” post.  Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts on Coca-Cola’s latest news.

Lately, Coca-Cola’s new TV commercial has been receiving much publicity in the news.  The main goal of the two minute ad is to shed light on the obesity epidemic in this country and also to publicize the things Coca-Cola has done to inform consumers about the soda that they’re drinking.  For instance, in the ad, Coca-Cola states that they have begun to showcase the calorie counts on the front of their soda cans.  This way, consumers don’t even have to turn the can to the back to read about the nutritional value.  Furthermore, Coca-Cola is suggesting that consumers control their portions of soda and they have started to increase the quantities of their smaller soda cans.

So I leave you with three questions…don’t forget to comment your answers!

1. Does Coca-Cola have a right to create a commercial spreading awareness about obesity when their product is one of this issue’s causes?

2. Should Coca-Cola only be showing the calorie counts of Coke on their soda bottles, or should other nutritional values be added, such as how much sugar their products have?

3. In your opinion, is what Coca-Cola  doing just more PR, or are they really trying to educate consumers?

Until Next Week…Plan Well, Pack Well, Live Well,

Katie 🙂


Strom, Stephanie. NYTimes. The New York Times Company. 2013. Web. 21 Jan. 2013.


4 thoughts on “Controversial Coca-Cola Commercial

  1. Geneva

    In regards to the second question, I do not think that the only thing they should be representing is calories. Of course, there is a daily intake in which we should stick to, but calories are generally not the issue, the massive amounts of sugars are! These sugars are so bad for us and generally as we are drinking a coke, we are not exercising, and these sugars are just going to turn into fat. So it’s nice that they supply the calorie count big and on the front, I just do not find it to be the most important nutritional fact in their products.

  2. Hi Katie,

    Great post. Here is the YouTube link to the actual commerical:

    If you listen at the 1:30 mark the voiceover states, “all calories count no matter where they come from, including Coca-Cola and everything else with calories and if you eat and drink more calories than you burn off you’ll gain weight.” What they fail to explain is that while all calories do count, they count in very different ways. The 140 calories in a can of Coke is very different from the 140 calories I would take in eating a Healthy Snack of 1/4 Cup Guacamole With 1 Sliced Red Bell Pepper.

    Here is the same Coke commerical with a much different voiceover:


  3. Jen

    Great points…if large companies like Coca Cola etc… Truly wanted to assist with America’s obesity issue then they would stop making their products. But we know that won’t happen. As my Dad used to say (happy birthday to him today) “it’s just a scam, all they want to do is make money”
    Good luck on your midterms!

  4. El

    Your presentation of this product was very fair. As for me I have a few thoughts on the subject: 1 of course coke will talk about obesity, it makes coke look good and it’s a promo
    2 furthermore showing the calories on the front, keeps you from looking at the back
    3 it’s all about the money, if they wanted to educate us they would improve their product
    that I’m told can take rust off of things……I like how you make me think.

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