Food for Thought – Introducing Adelle Davis

Similar to my “Ingredient Profile” posts, my new “Food for Thought” posts will highlight people or ideas as they pertain to nutrition.  Throughout 2013, I hope that once a month I’ll be able to expose you to some unknown or rarely discussed people, places, and beliefs about food.  Therefore, I believe it is only fitting that the spotlight for my first “Food for Thought” post be focused on Adelle Davis, otherwise known as the USA’s “First Lady of Nutrition.”  Born in 1904, her groundbreaking work in the nutrition field and her passionate spirit for health and wellness for all inspired many to change the way they ate.  As a nutritionist, Adelle Davis planned diets for more than 20,000 people.  That’s a CRAZY number of people to have worked with and each of these people had their own set of health obstacles that she had to contemplate and keep in mind.  In addition, Ms. Davis authored four books entitled,  Let’s Cook It Right, Let’s Have Healthy Children, Let’s Get Well, and Let’s Eat Right To Keep Fit.  However, I think her most powerful impact on the nation today is the quotes she left behind to inspire all of the children of the world born after her lifetime.  Here’s one of my favorites:

“We are indeed much more than what we eat, but what we eat can nevertheless help us to be much more than what we are.”

~Adelle Davis

There’s a world of truth to this statement, making it both  joyful and a little startling.  Through this statement, we discover that the freedom to make our own food choices and work towards being more healthful is empowering, but at the same time, maybe a little scary because all of the onus is on us.  Nobody is forcing us to eat a certain way, adopt a certain diet, buy a certain type of food; in fact, we’re doing it to ourselves, for better or for worse.  At its crux, Adelle Davis’ saying illustrates that we can’t do anything without food, without sustenance, without energy.  Nevertheless, if we don’t control what we feed ourselves, the food starts to control us.

But when we feel as though we’ve veered off of the right path in terms of nutrition, can we change?  Absolutely.  Adelle Davis also firmly believed that “deficiencies in vitamins, mineral elements, or other nutrients can cause illness that is reversed when the nutrients are added to the diet in an educated way.”  When our diet is made “adequate” we can then go on to be all that we were meant to be and more.  In taking care of ourselves, we can either be the stepping stone or the stumbling block.  And that’s why I love working on this project and this blog.  Because I hope to teach people that each of us has all of the control and tools to become more educated about the food we eat.  We just have to use them.

I hope you have enjoyed my first “Food for Thought.”

Until Next Week, Plan Well, Pack Well, Live Well,

Katie 🙂


3 thoughts on “Food for Thought – Introducing Adelle Davis

  1. Jen

    You are a very impressive young lady in your writing. I enjoyed today’s blog and look forward to the next one. Have a good day.

  2. Margot D.

    I love this, Katie! I totally agree. I take many vitamins and minerals daily to deal with deficiencies (I have a regimine designed specifically for my body), and I certainly notice the difference. What we put into our bodies has a greater effect on our health and well being than a lot of people seem to realize.

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