Since I Can’t Always Be With You (SNIFF)…

I offer FOODUCATE for all of your future trips to the grocery store.  What is FOODUCATE you ask?  FOODUCATE is basically me, my project, and everything I’m trying to accomplish in an APP.  And the best part about the APP is, it’s totally FREE!

FOODUCATE was created by a San Franciscan father of three (and an avid techie) named Hemi Weingarten who wanted to invent something that provided some answers to often difficult questions about food choices.  After scratching his head one too many times himself at the grocery store, he had to admit that even a graduate degree didn’t prepare him for the monumental task of finding the right foods to feed his children.  Therefore, he took matters into his own hands and embarked upon a lifelong adventure to bring other people out of the darkness and into the light about nutrition (my hero!).  I admire that he educated himself through books, Internet articles etc., to make his vision of FOODUCATE come to life. What I love most about this nutrition APP is that it is not funded (thus it is not controlled) by any gigantic food corporations.  That means that the information you receive from it is never manipulated, changed, or controlled, it simply is what it is (rather like my blog!).

Each time you click on FOODUCATE from your Smart Phone, tablet, or other electronic device, the APP will bring you to a homepage with two options: “Scan” and “Browse Food.”

Once you click “Scan” you’ll have the opportunity to scan the barcode of any food product you want to learn more about.  Within seconds, FOODUCATE will locate the product in its vast database and provide you with a clean, concise, and informative description of its nutritional pros and cons.  Furthermore, FOODUCATE will also “grade” the food you scanned (it’s just like school), present a complete nutrition label for it, and calculate how many FoodPoints the product has earned.  FOODUCATE assigns each product FoodPoints based on its nutritional value…the lower the number, the better the food is for you.  In addition, FOODUCATE has the capacity and “intelligence” to sort through complex health claims and perplexing ingredients.  It also offers fun facts and just so much more.

If you click the last option, “Browse Food” the APP will bring you to a homepage with numerous subtitles, each about a specific type of food (from fruits & vegetables to cooking & baking to condiments.)  As you click through the general options and the choices get more specific, you’ll have access to a reservoir of information.  FOODUCATE gives you practical advice about what to look for in certain products at the grocery store, it defines the roles that vitamins and minerals play in fueling your body, gives recommendations about eating based on your health (it will explain what to do if you’re on a low cholesterol diet, for instance), and displays succinct summaries of tricky ingredients (such as maltodextrin).  I find that while the “Scan” portion of the APP is more hands-on and can be used at any grocery store, this “Browse Food” part of the APP is perfect anytime you have a minute and are curious about the food you eat.

I hope that many of you reap the  benefits that FOODUCATE has to offer and you’re ready for a healthier 2013!  Happy New Year!

Until Next Week…Plan Well, Pack Well, Live Well,

Katie 🙂

P.S. Please let me know if you download FOODUCATE and what you think of this APP!


7 thoughts on “Since I Can’t Always Be With You (SNIFF)…

  1. Jen

    I am so psyched this free APP actually exists. I just downloaded and can’t wait to go shopping. Thanks for a Healthy Start to 2013!!!

  2. My Tiny Tank - Tracy Stevenson

    Hi Katie lovely blog post as usual. I subscribe to Fooducate. It is a very helpful resource.
    Guess what my sons, husband’s, and my lunch bags are already packed and ready for school/work tomorrow.
    Happy new year!

  3. ecovortx

    Katie, Thanks for the Fooducate link, It is a wonderful tool. In regards maltodextrin, it is a manmade inexpensive filler, it breaks down into sugar in the body plus god knows what else.

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