Everything Is Not Always What It Seems…

I was at the grocery store the other day and came upon a cardboard display filled with energy drinks.  On the front of the display were pictures of Fuse, Powerade, Smart Water, and Vitamin Water.  Underneath these pictures was a slogan in capital letters reading, HYDRATION THAT WORKS FOR YOU.  Above the images of the energy drinks, there were fit and athletic looking people engaging in rigorous physical activity.  In addition to the slogan, words like infuse, hydrate, replenish, and support were also used to describe the drinks.

I think that it’s really important that we, as consumers, form our own opinions about the nutritional value of the foods and beverages we purchase.  A manufacturer will always try to get the consumer to believe that their product is healthy and beneficial.  It’s up to us to either buy into or disregard the information that bombards us from advertisements in the grocery stores, radio, TV, and magazines.

Going back to the display I saw at the grocery store, I think that what the manufacturer of these products was trying to convey was semi-accurate.  Although these energy drinks can be beneficial following a workout, they aren’t necessarily filled with only healthy ingredients.  Therefore, it is up to us as consumers to read the labels and empower ourselves to make healthy choices.

Until Next Week….Plan Well, Pack Well, Live Well,

🙂 Katie


6 thoughts on “Everything Is Not Always What It Seems…

  1. Kendra

    I learned a lot about nutrition in school and have always tried to lead a healthy lifestyle. Even so, life gets busy and we don’t always think about what we are eating and drinking and sometimes make the easy choices. Thank you for bringing this awareness!

  2. Zillie

    I love water – just water… I agree all the hydration drinks available now can make a consumer quite confused sometimes if you really look at the ingredients. So when in doubt, I’ll just stick with my water 🙂

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